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JULIO 1970 1ª FERIA DEL LIBRO-muestra 70

JULIO 1970  1ª FERIA DEL LIBRO-muestra 70

image1971image19961image1951114 DE Julio de 1970 Excma.Diputación de Málaga-Salones del Palacio de la Diputaciónimage19931 image19941 image19951 image19821 image19831 image19841 image19851 image19871 image19861 image19821 image19831
DURING his lifetime he exhibited his work around the world and even sold his sculptures to the King of Spain.

Sadly the well known American sculptor, Bayard Osborn has died shortly before his 90th birthday after a long illness.

Born in Manhattan in 1922 he was one of the first foreigners to move to Gaucin where he lived for over 30 years in a house which hosted a spacious top-floor studio, where many of his works were on display.

While most famous as an artist, Osborn was also with the US troops who liberated the concentration camp at Mauthausen during the Second World War.

He was also one of the last direct links to the New York avant garde of the 50s, including Andy Warhol, and to the Bloomsbury Set, specifically Hispanicist Gerald Brenan.american-artist-bayard-osborn-has-died-age-89

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